It’s been one year since my last blog post…


 Today marks exactly one year from my last post on Deckermarketing. I started blogging in September 2003, and have written many posts on eBusiness, marketing, leadership and life…until May 4, 2009. After that day, I didn’t write another blog post until now. 

This wasn’t by design. Things just "slipped away". One month turned into two months, and that turned into a year. This must happen to others, right? Even John Porcaro – an exec previously at Microsoft who inspired me to blog in 2003 when I was at Dell — has not blogged in nearly a year, and he’s now a social media consultant! 

I thought this one year anniversary of “no posts” is a good opportunity to give a summary of how or why I orphaned my blog for so long.

First, Bazaarvoice has been more than a full time job as we’ve grown from 6 of us in January 2006 to over 550 employees, 9 products, serving 800 brands. In terms of writing (which takes a lot of time) I’ve felt more obligated to blog on Bazaarblog, write articles (such as my ClickZ column), and helping my team produce videos. And then I had other commitments taking time, such as co-founding Capital Factory, launching a web-based chore application, serving on boards, and spending as much time as I can with my family! 

A big factor is my Twitter activity took away from blogging. If I had an idea, I tried to put it in 140 characters and tried to live by a “less is more” mantra. And if the idea deserved more writing, and it was about marketing or social commerce, I ended up putting it on Bazaarblog.

Despite the lapse in content, Deckermarketing blog traffic hasn’t gone down. I still get 100 to 200 visits a day, largely from Google search results. I didn’t expect that.

Now what? I’m still super busy, however I don’t want to let the investment in this blog go to waste. I'm going to start to post again, at least once a month in depth, and more frequently with a simple post of a paragraph or less. But with so many outlets, it's hard to focus on one. What do you think? Is the same thing happening to you?

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  1. Sfrancisatx says:

    There was an excellent session about this at SXSWi this year- blogger burnout. The question was asked how do the bloggers who do it for a living keep it up? Each panelist had a different take:
    – guilt or obligation to readers was one answer
    – passion for the topic was another
    – nothing wrong with taking a time-out on a blog was a third answer – because we’re people and we’re not obligated to do anything and sometimes our passion takes us in a different direction for a while.
    Welcome back to blogging!

  2. BertDecker says:

    Missed your blog, like your Twitter, good post for consideration. I’ve experienced similar directions. Twitter has undermined part of the reason for blogging – connection, share info, marketing, brand prominence, etc. – but there’s a place for both. Returns just aren’t in yet on whether blogs will earn a space of prominence in this expanding communications environment.

  3. Great to see you back, we’ve all missed your posts

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