Geoffrey Moore “Provocative Selling” Presentation


Geoffrey Moore presented at Austin Texchange a couple weeks ago. It was a great event. A lot of buzz from 300 entrepreneurs and executives in attendance. His topic was “Provocative Selling: How to Break and Enter Markets…Even in a Downturn”.

The biggest takeaway for me was that ‘leads’ don’t work when selling something new in a downturn. You have to have the warm introduction and participation from executives, and create a sense that something is missing in the prospect’s business without your solution.

Geoff gave me permission to link to his slides from our Austin Texchange site here.
Also see pictures from the event.

Incoming President Charley Dean (Silverton Ventures), Geoffrey Moore, and Sam Decker (outgoing Texchange President)

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  1. Abel Journey says:

    Interesting article. I need to read it again in order to digest all the information correctly!

  2. I couldn’t find the link to Geoffrey Moore’s slides on Provocative Selling. Can you send me a fresh link or a way to get to them.Thanks.

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