193 Creative Marketing Ideas


A few weeks ago I added a small link in one of my posts to my unpublished beginning of a book of 193 Clever Marketing Ideas. John Moore linked to it and it got some interest, so I thought I’d give a more formal promotion here. Plus I want to see how Scribd works in my blog! BTW, Scribd and Slideshare are very cool!

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Read this doc on Scribd: 193 Creative Marketing Ideas

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  1. tony edward says:

    Wow, this is a really great read. Lots of golden nuggets in there. You could have easily posted each and every one of these tips on a “mom and pop” type blog.
    This would also be a great “loss-leader’ product to get your foot in the door of brick and mortar stores, that you are trying to sell them your services (SEO, etc).

  2. 81 One Line Ideas

    Here’s an interesting list of 81 marketing ideas from Sam Decker on the Decker Marketing web site. You won’t be able to use all 81 of them, but if just one of these suggestions get your creative juices flowing, then

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