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Fortunately, I’m homebound with my new son for the next week, but I was able to get away tonight for a dinner at Salt Lick (best BBQ in TX!) with many bloggers who came to Austin for SXSW. Friends made it such as Charlene Li of Forrester and Groundswell, Shel Israel of Global Neighborhoods (Author of Naked Conversations), Bob Pearsons of Dell (runs Dell’s community /conversation / social media team), Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester and Web Strategist, and others. I also met some new folks: Jim Long, an NBC cameraman (great stories !) and Twitter pro at newmediajam, and Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid.

If you haven’t heard of gapingvoid or Hugh, he is the "Web 2.0" cartoonist on business cards. He is most famous (I think) for this doodle:

Hugh explained that some Microsofters replace their standard cards and put this on the back. Microsoft actually hired Hugh to walk the halls of Microsoft and doodle on cards as a culture catalyst.

This is awesome on a couple levels:

1) Microsoft recognized that an ‘on the edge’ cartoonist was capturing the imagination of its employees and embraced it. That they embraced someone who inspired their employees through an emotive cartoon that described what they as a company want to do and what the employees want to do. Talented people work at Microsoft not because they enjoy a big company, but because their talents can make a big change occur.

2) What Hugh has created is an incredible hook for himself, one that is so simple to grasp and interesting that he has built a name for himself. But also a hook that can carry a message across boundaries. A business card that can be shown as a piece of art to others to that spreads word of mouth, not only of the message, but also for Hugh. Brilliant. (Suggestion: Read Made to Stick.)

So he did a doodle on my card, and in three words captured what we are trying to help companies embrace…"The user generation".

What’s your hook? What’s your company’s hook?

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  2. Congrats Sam on your new addition, he is a handsome and tiny prez. This is crazy but do you think you could shoot me an email… I have a small business on the cusp of something big, very big. Only used “word of mom” – never any paid advertising. MommyMixer started in Austin 5 years ago but is now in 28 markets soon to be in 50 by end of year. Moms from Holland, England, South Africa, Ireland and Canada have begged me to bring it international. Anyway, more background later but wondering if I could get some straight up biz advice from you. I have come across your name from WOMMA as well as an article I read on BazaarVoice. Gracias,
    Chief Founding Mama

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