It’s Been a While. A Few Updates…


Wow…am I overdue for writing on my blog or what!?. It’s been busy since the last post. Lots of traveling, tradeshows, etc.

We raised $8.8M at Bazaarvoice, after becoming a profitable company several months ago and launching in the UK. We launched several new capabilities and have been hiring (interviewing) like crazy. Some other things keep me busy such as leading Austin Texchange, the Board of WOMMA, contributing magazine columns, and being an advisor to a few companies. My first blog priority has been to our company blog at (around social commerce and word of mouth). My 4-year old Decker Marketing blog has suffered. But now, after completing our biggest tradeshow of the year and an overdue vacation, I’m feeling a bit refreshed…

Rarely do I share a "personal update", but this is a big one…we’re expecting our third child! In March we will have a 10 year old, 8 year old, and a newborn. It will be like starting over! My wife and I talked about it for two years and talked to a lot of families who had a big birth separation with no regrets. My friend, Thom Singer, is the youngest in a family of 8 kids (I think). He said it was a great growing up with older brothers and sisters, and reminded me that our older kids are built-in baby sitters. My wife and I were anxious at first (we’d lose our newly-gained freedom from baby care), but now we know what we’re doing and we’re excited. Family and kids is what brings the most happiness to us, and it’s worth the sacrifice and hard work.

We’ll see what happens in March, but for now I’ll try to keep up on some blog postings here.

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  1. Congratulations Sam!!
    And Good Luck!

  2. Adam Salamon says:

    That’s great news! Congratulations Sam!

  3. Harry Joiner says:

    Hearty congratulations to you and your family. It’s amazing to me how love is “pie-enlarging,” as opposed to “pie-rearranging:” The more children one has to love, the more love one has to give.
    Go figure.

  4. thom singer says:

    Point of clarification, I am the youngest…but of FOUR boys (not eight…is wish it had been eight!). There is a nine year gap between me and the next kid (so there could have been four more in between if my parents had wanted).
    But yes, having the much older siblings was GREAT. They were active in my life when I was young, and we get along great today (they are all getting old, he he he, as I am 41 and they range from 50 – 54). My parents kept them involved when expecting and when I was a baby and kid.
    They had all left for college by the time I was in 4th grade so I also had a positive experience as an “only child”, traveling with my folks who were retired (my dad hit 65 when I was in 8th grade).
    I predict that this kid will be what keeps you young. My dad is 93, and claims he could not get old until I was out of college and by then he was 75 and did not know how to be old.

  5. Max Kalehoff says:

    Congrats on the third one! I hope I can have three kids.

  6. Tim Peter says:

    All the best, Sam. Congratulations!

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