6 C-Level Questions for Your Idea


I was reading a great blog entry today called "How to Sell an Idea". Within the article there was a hot tip highlighting questions C-level execs will ask. I think that part alone deserves highlighting.

Remember that any idea that ultimately rolls up for approval at the C-level should START with a primary points that meet the objective and challenges of the C-level audience.

This is a helpful checklist to run any presentation or idea through:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Will it increase the value of the firm?
  • Chief Financial Officer: Where’s the return on investment?
  • Chief Operations Officer: Can we execute on this plan?
  • Chief Information Officer: Will it run on our systems?
  • Chief Marketing Officer: Can the world understand it?
  • Chief Sales Officer: Will our customers buy it?

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  1. Leslie Leite says:

    Glad you liked our article, and thanks for sharing it in your blog. We’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback on this, and I think you’ve focused on the key point for a successful pitch — start with the objections and questions first. If you haven’t thought about possible objections, you’re not ready to sell your idea!
    Leslie Leite
    Community Manager

  2. If one were to rank the tips in order of importance, I suspect the CMO question would be right at the top. If prospects do not understand the solution being offered, all the other tasks have less of a purpose. I suppose non-marketers could say the same about their category (e.g. finance, ops) but the customer’s perceptions ultimately drive the success of the business. If salespeople are pitching paradigm-shifting, robust, best-of-breed thingamajigs then there probably aren’t too many profitable months in the near future.

  3. John says:

    BeF3hE hey man nice shot

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