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Do you have a great PowerPoint presentation? Slideshare is hosting "The World’s Best Presentation" contest. My father, Bert Decker, and friend, Guy Kawasaki, are two of the four judges. As such, I don’t think I can enter…but you can! Just upload your best PowerPoint presentation and you could win an Alienware PC. Of course, for the Mac loyalists who know guy that aren’t excited about Vista, you can hope for 2nd or 3rd prize…an Xbox.

This contest does not give you the benefit of sharing your verbal presentation with the slides. IMO, a PowerPoint contest isn’t a presentation contest, it’s a slides contest. Notwithstanding, here are  three suggestions that might help you win…and create better slides in the future…

Read Guy’s PowerPoint tips.
Read Garr’s tips
Read my father’s tips (dispersed throughout his blog)

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  1. Kevin Dugan says:

    “Me present you long time?”
    Or something like that.
    Just this week, an architect presented at a luncheon I attended. His deck supported his story. It had NO text. They were all just big, beautiful pictures…like a slide show without Aunt Fern standing next to a cactus.
    So instead of a speech or a presentation it was a story and it was very engaging and effective. I’ll argue more tactical presentations should not take this approach as attendees feel cheated if they do not leave with bullet points of some kind. But I think for the most part, this is a good goal to try and achieve.

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