Decker’s 15 Career Tips


This concludes my series of career tips, which was prompted by a few friends reaching out to me for advice. I’m sure I could think of more, but these are the first 15 that came to mind…and 15 is a good place to stop. Here’s the list with links:

  1. Find and Follow Your Passion and Strengths
  2. Create Soundbytes for Your Personal Brand
  3. It’s WHO You GET TO Know
  4. Choose Who Your Work For
  5. Take Initiative Outside Your Triangle
  6. Inform Others
  7. Connect to a Visible Brand
  8. Learn, Challenge, Fun
  9. Feed Others
  10. Go Where There’s Margin Growth
  11. Always Can Do
  12. Take Bigger Risks
  13. Answer First
  14. Show and Know Metrics
  15. Never Eat Alone

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  1. Brian Ward says:

    Excellent set of tips! While not an additional tip (I agree, 15 is enough), we might want to consider weaving throughout the 15, the fact that most leaders have great difficulty in understanding themselves and how their behaviours affect others. This despite the fact that there are simple tools to help them gain those insights and act upon them, such as MBTI and DiSC behavioural profiles.
    Many a career went sour not because the leader was deficient in technical or market knowh-how, but in behavioural know-how.
    Loved the list…keep ’em coming!
    Brian Ward

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