Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators of 2006


Each year, for the last several years, Bert Decker (my father) reveals his picks for the Top 10 best and worst communicators of the year. I know from first hand experience that Bert sees the world through the lens of effective communications. He has over 25 years of communications experience, and coaches executives such as Charles Schwab, athletes and politicians worldwide. Every year he publishes this popular list. Here are his picks from 2005 (last year) and below are his picks this year. You can see Bert’s commentary and full post here.

The Ten Best Communicators of 2006

  1. Senator Barack Obama  —  A shooting star due to his communications
  2. Pastor Rick Warren —  The master communicator
  3. Speaker Nancy Pelosi —  Results with a smile
  4. Commissioner Israel Gaither —  Steady consistency under pressure
  5. Angelina Jolie  —  Direct and honest, after her tattoo periodAngelina
  6. Nido Qubein  —  Dramatic change due to communicating a vision
  7. Guy Kawasaki —  Versatile and a living SHARP
  8. Tavis Smiley —  Advocacy power from a new media star
  9. Jim (Mad Money) Kramer —  Total commitment to impact
  10. Jon Stewart —  Wry humor wins the Academy Award

The Ten Worst Communicators of 2006

  1. Nancy Grace  —  Nasty and snarly
  2. Barry Bonds  —  Arrogance won’t do
  3. Mel Gibson —  Rants (and DUIs) won’t do
  4. Ray Tillerson – New Exxon CEO continues the tradition, unfortunately
  5. Lindsey, Paris, Brittany & Nicole  —  The Mice Pack
  6. Senator George Allen  —  One word too many
  7. OJ Simpson —  Once again, badly, and sadly, in the news
  8. Shaquille O’Neal —  Big only on the court
  9. Rosie, Katie, Meredith —  Right people in the wrong place
  10. George Bush  —  Communications problems have not been addressed

I wholeheartedly agree with putting Nancy Grace at the top of the worst list! Here’s what it’s like listening to her…

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  1. Bert Decker says:

    Great video of Nancy Grace Sam. And nice summary, thanks.

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