Lunch with Scobel & the Impact of Blogging on Microsoft


I had a great lunch with Robert Scobel (the leading Microsoft
Blogger, Scobelizer) at SES in NYC today. He talked about the fact that he was
blogging about Microsoft for several years, and then Microsoft hired him. At that time there were 80
Microsoft bloggers. Today, there are over 2,500. How much of that was due to
him joining, who knows.

My guess is it had a big impact. it was a visible act to hire him (as someone speaking
his own truth about Microsoft), and by doing so there was an implicit
permission from Microsoft Executives to blog and speak your mind. Of course
people are still stupid and could get fired for posting stupid things. But blogging, while from the
employee perspective (the rank and file usually represent the customer voice
very well), had a culture impact.

I’ve talked about this with John Porcaro, another well known Microsoft Blogger (and my inspiration for starting to blog over 2 years ago) who is responsible for online PR & blogging for Xbox.

Robert reported that Microsoft service scores have risen over the past year or two (I’m not fact checking this). But if that’s true, and these scores have gone up, perhaps this authenticity and transparency from blogging has had an impact on the Microsoft culture, and therefore their operations, plus on their image among the influential developer community, and the people they talk to, and so on…and therefore the customer service scores?  Maybe.

If the wing of a butterfly can cause a tsunami, maybe hiring Scobel created enough positive ripples for a multi-billion $ corporation.

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  1. John Porcaro says:

    Ha, you’ve been Scobalized! I’ve never had a lunch meeting with Robert where I didn’t walk away feeling like blogs could change the world… 🙂

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