Survey: Marketers To Slash Ad Spending, Focus On Buzz


A Brickfair survey on spending plans of top business executives forecasts an almost 10 percent drop in the portion of marketing budgets allocated to traditional advertising in comparison with 2005. Most of the shift will go to new media and alternative marketing strategies such as word-of-mouth. In 2005, according to Blackfriars’ principal Carl Howe, companies allocated about 31 percent to traditional advertising, but this number will fall to 22 percent in 2006.

The survey also detailed a
major difference in reported dissatisfaction between executives whose
companies measured marketing results–for example, using click-through
and impression rates in Web advertising–versus those who didn’t.
Executives whose companies measured results showed a 13 percent
dissatisfaction rate, versus a 37 percent dissatisfaction rate for
those who didn’t.

Curiously, Howe pointed out that many of the increasingly popular
"non-traditional" methods like buzz and word of mouth are not easily
measured; he attributed their growing percentage of overall marketing
budgets to an "experimental" attitude among business leadership.

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