Lightning Round Site Review:


Review #7 (What is this?)


Clarity of Purpose – this site makes it very clear what it’s all about in the first headline and subheader. Although it’s not clear how the service is free.

Consistency – The site uses two fonts and two colors. Very clean and consistent design.


Mirroring Design of Unlike Fragments – In the middle of the page they have three sections: What are MyMe’s, Where can it be used, and Get your own caricature. While these topics may seem sequential in the buying pattern, the layout treats these as three separate, side-by-side options. Would rather see the What and the Tour closer together. “Sign Up for Free” should be more clear from the “Order Now” call to action. What’s the difference?

Show Before and After – The service allows you to send a picture in and you get back a caricature for $29. Show a picture and the after caricature so people can imagine what theirs could look like. Test putting price on the home page with a stronger call to action for people to order their caricature.  See examples of strong home page call to action on,,

Since they did one for me, here’s what that might look like…


Educate the Prospect – It’s not clear what the "service" is. If I create a caricature, can’t I just use post on my blog and profiles? Why do I need a web service? Why do I need to register? How does that work? The value proposition and how it works needs to be concisely explained.

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  1. Paul Rooney says:

    It was great to read your understanding of the site. We will take your comments on board for the next release. Thanks for the review. Regards,Paul

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