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Review #5
TwoMaids and a Mop

Before I comment on the site, I want to show everyone a company that ‘gets’ the idea of building a customer-centric company, with a story of their own, in an authentic voice, building customer evangelism from the inside out….

  • This maid-service company is opens up with dialogue that connects to customers. It’s real. How many companies tell their story with confidence; not in corporate-speak, but as if you were sitting down for lunch with the owner? How many maid services have a blog? Their confident tone is reflected here in the owner’s profile:

Ron Holt: Who is the Maid Man? Today, he’s the owner of a relatively unknown housecleaning company called Two Maids & A Mop. Tomorrow, he will be the leader of America’s leading housecleaning business. People will travel from far distances just to hear him speak. But for now, he’s giving away his knowledge for free. Follow him on his quest to dominate the housecleaning industry. Learn how David beats Goliath.

  • How many companies have a customer advisory board and share with prospects how customers are helping them learn from mistakes? Do you have a customer advisory board?

The board meets three times per year to discuss issues relevant to our business practices and strategies. The board typically consists of 5-10 people and each member is able to voice his/her own opinion on different topics that affect the total service experience of our cleanings.

  • The tone of the content is confident, casual and customer friendly…and while somewhat “we” focused, they talk about what they are doing to make their company more customer friendly. It’s believable.
  • TwoMaids establishes their differentiation:

We firmly established ourselves as the most customer-friendly housekeeping company in the world.

That’s a bold claim, but if you read the rest of the site and the way it is written, it’s believable because of how it is said and this policy:

We allow our customers to grade their cleaning service and the feedback directly affects their cleaner’s pay rate.

  • As for the site, the logo needs an upgrade. Looks like the company is one person shop and just starting — not a company that started in 1997 and is growing fast because customers love them!
  • The content is personal, but there are not enough pictures of people. Your story would be more believable and credible if they show the customer-friendly people. The picture on the home page is not impressive or inspiring. I want to see the solution, not the problem. If you show the mess, show the ‘after’ cleaning. Get a higher quality picture.
  • If I’m a prospect, I want to know more about what you do, how you clean, and price ranges of your services. The look of the site makes you look affordable. Is it? If so, help customers overcome the #1 obstacle to someone else cleaning their house…price.
  • Where’s the call to action? You never ask people to call or email. You aren’t closing them. Offer a free estimate. Offer a first time cleaning at a discount. The Rescue Me! content is great to connect with the customer…you should start this copy on the home page and tease them into reading the rest from there.
  • Meta tag keywords are ok. Meta description needs improvement (more search relevant keywords and shorter) and title tag is not relevant to search phrases.
  • Why is your url and not You lose credibility.
  • Logo should link to home page.
  • Suggest you don’t need top navigation and the button navigation at the bottom. This is small enough site to have one navigation system.
  • Show a map of the counties you serve and provide one toll free phone number. You look more professional and can track calls from the site. Redirect callers using IVR (enter zip code) or operator.

The quality of your reputation, your value, and even your blog is higher than the quality of your site right now.

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  1. David Davis says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your lighting round reviews. They have been very educational. How do you pick sites to review…I would love to have your thoughts on our site. Do you take requests?

  2. Bryan Menell says:

    I’m learning a ton reading your thoughts on these websites. Reminds me of a magazine long ago called “Before & After” that redesigned newsletters for people. Keep it up!

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