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Review #4
Wayne Wallace Photography

  • This is a beautiful site. Imagery is relevant to subject and fosters positive emotions relevant to the service and brand. Sophisticated, consistent design and fonts that don’t distract from the product as hero (the photography). The site is ‘accretive’ to your credibility.
  • What really differentiates you? Any photographer can claim the words on your home page. Find something that is uniquely yours. Or tell a story. I’m looking at this image of a child – what does it feel like for the parents to have this photograph. Use illustrative and more emotional copy to speak to the feeling clients get when you memory, moment or product benefits that captures exactly what they wanted. Speak to what it means to be a true artist. Building a brand is about telling a story that is uniquely yours…one that perhaps others haven’t told that speak exactly to the emotions a customer wants from the kind of photos that only you can create.
  • Who is your target customer, your ideal customer? Couples, parents, advertising professional? How do people find you? Look at referral links, consider your customer portfolio and tailor the site (images, copy) to the customer you want to target, or the majority persona visiting the site that you want to close.
  • Title tag is ok for search engine, not great. Think about top search phrases related to photography in Las Vegas (assuming you are focusing on that area). People may search for photographer, advertising photos, modeling photography, product photography, etc.
  • There is no html text or links in the site. Not good for search engines. The site is one big image. Title tag won’t do it alone, and there are no meta tags.
  • Links at bottom could be missed. Suggest top navigation.
  • Can you add more photos to your portfolio?
  • Include a phone number on every page of the site. Contact us page, the phone number and email link are buried. Also…note the logo gets pixilated on contact us page.
  • Services page is lacking specifics. Paint a picture of what it is like to do business with you. What are the top questions customers ask you when they call? Answering more questions pulls prospects closer to consideration.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great feedback on my site. I completely agree and those are some things that I plan for my next revision of the site.

  2. Alun John says:

    Hi Sam
    I must admit that visually the site is very attractive. I would go along with what you have to say about site text, though. In order to improve rankings on the search engines (legitimately) it would be a good idea to create standard text and not graphical text. According to Google’s cache of the ‘Bio’ page, for example, these are the words that it has indexed: “Contact Wayne Wallace Portfolio Clientele Services News”.

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