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Review #2
YMCA Camp Copneconic

Excellent, a site that does great things for kids, with a funny name…glad to help!

  • Love the logo…but the rest of the site doesn’t reflect the quality or colors. Good you have links in html text for search engines. But the colors are random, the black text is hard to read against maroon, and the site is very basic. And why do colors change to Red within the site – even worse tha maroon. You can get an $30 Dreamweaver template and make this look a lot better – search Google for “Dreamweaver templates”. Try to find some that already integrate the colors that match your logo.
  • Centering text, other than a headline, is not a good idea. Not easy to read.
  • Make links more than one word. Nielsen suggests linking phrases, even up to 7 words. Ideally you make links blue and/or underline – make them look like links. The offsetting colors, to novice web users, may just look like a font treatment and not links.
  • What are users task when they come to this page? Likely to see what camps and activities are coming up. Halloween weekend, the next event, is buried in the middle. Have a place for upcoming events, and a separate place for news and announcements.
  • Mailing list form should be “Request a brochure” link.
  • Love the map of the camp under “Take A Tour” link. Either you need to bring a teaser up to the home page to “See the Camp” or make this image and links to photos part of the home page. That’s great interactivity. People want to see what it looks like and imagine themselves at camp. In fact, when they link to an area of the camp, great to include photos of people and activities near that part of the camp.
  • Link the logo on top left to the home page.
  • Think about integrating more of the location words (html text and links) into the home page for search engine. Imagine the most popular search would be related to location and “camp”, “summer camp” and “kids camp”.
  • You don’t really need the top navigation.
  • “Sign up online” should be “Register for a Camp” and should be primary call to action on home page, next to the events users can sign up for.
  • Put contact information, including phone and email address, and link to a map at bottom of every page. On the map page, include a link to a google map so people can interact with the location.
  • Put phone number and city/state at top of page in html text (search engine), as well as some sub-header related to “Summer Camps”.
  • Metrics for success could be search engine traffic, calls vs. visits (which could be measured if you had 800#), emails from the site, and asking registrants how they heard about you when they sign up.

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