Lighting Round Site Review: Nooked


Review #1

Welcome Nooked, the first Lighting Round Web Site Review!

  • Ok, first it took me too long to get what you were offering.
    You have two types of visitors: A) Marketers who know what this is and B) those that need
    to be educated. Either way, the majority of visitors need to be
    educated on RSS Marketing AND on Nooked (how it works, benefits, impact,
    etc.). This type of content is too buried.
  • Less is more on a page like this, which is essentially a
    landing page to convert people to sign up, but first want to entice, tease, and educate. Get prospects excited about how this works and the impact it can make. Talk benefits. Talk functionality. See sites
    of similar challenge of educating new technology and have a sign-up, such as,,
  • Top banner should be replaced with a statement more specific
    of what the service does. “RSS Marketing made Simple” or “Enables smart
    businesses to connect with customers” says nothing. Waste of space. Whatever you say, don’t make it
    look like a banner.
    Banner shapes are easier to ignore and scream ‘ Don’t look at me, I’m full of marketing happy text!’. Integrate the graphic and headline and link as part of the content
    of the home page. Integrate a partial screen shot of your interface juxtaposed with a Yahoo home page
    (suggesting users can distribute content to people’s Yahoo page). Also integrate the
    link to the tour near the top.
  • Below the top 1/3 of the page, Learn More content should be
    brought forward…more succinct, but links to each step or benefit and
    pop-up images of tool is enticing. Goal of home page is to get them off the
    home page
    …to click something and get users engaged. Eye candy is good for that.
  • Heighten visibility RSS 101 and Business case as “Whitepapers”.
    Put acrobat icon next to each of them…you’ll get more clicks.
  • Why is RSS important? Tease people into the learn more or
    RSS 101 with the little known fact
    that 31% of internet users read RSS via
    Yahoo and MSN home pages. Other stats? (see
  • Test Drive RSS Marketing and “Get Nooked” needs revision.
    Why this green color? Integrate and align colors in the site and make call to action
    more enticing. Call out “Test Drive Nooked RSS Marketing for FREE!”.
  • Put rest of various links within an “RSS Education” page
    (linked from the top) and the Partner links behind “Partners”. Less is more.
  • The Nooked Directory will be confusing for most…are you
    appealing to readers or customers? If anything, make this a sidebar or put at
    the very bottom.
  • What is FeedWizard? Interesting icon, interesting name…no
    link, no clue what this is.

Good luck and report back results if you make a change!

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