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Have you seen Jim Cramer’s Mad Money? It is one of the most popular shows on CNBC, if not the most popular. He’s famous for his “Mad Money Lighting Round” where he gives callers a 30-second-or-less stock opinion. I love the concept, although I’m not sure I’ll act on his advice again (I bought CAT and it hasn’t moved!).

Once in a while a friend asks me my opinion on their web site and I give them a "lighting round" review. Some don’t ask, but I wish they would…if you know what I mean! But I only give advice when asked.

As an experiment in web site improvement and blog interaction, I’m going to apply the Lighting Round concept to web reviews to my friends and readers here, and invite you to get a free review of your site!

After 12 years of Web marketing experience I’ve learned from 50 usability studies, 6 top design agencies, several redesigns, hundreds of IT projects, and thousands of merchandising tests with a lot of metrics. You can choose to ask for my advice, and you choose whether or not to act on my advice. The catch is you will have your site publicly reviewed on the Decker Marketing blog, and if you take my advice, you agree to share the results (the fun part!).

This is lighting round review…

  • I’ll give you blunt suggestions and ideas for improvement in 5-10 bullets. Not much elaboration. Do you have tough skin?
  • I’ll assume you have simple business objectives (calls, conversion, upselling, traffic) and my range of comments will consider usability, navigation, personas, task/scenario analysis, copy, headlines, layout, colors, images, links, merchandising, info architecture, interactivity, persuasiveness, emotion, brand image, consistency, competition, search engine friendliness, and other considerations.
  • I have no real method to my madness…I’ll react and comment based on instinct and experience. Like it or leave it. I may be missing context and have reckless advice. You’re free to comment.
  • If you make a change, I ask you report back and share the impact with me and the readers here (Cramer never does that!).


  • No promise I’ll get to your site…I’m not sure how many requests I’ll receive and I’ll choose which ones to review.
  • I won’t review questionably offensive sites (my judgement) or those in technology/electronics.
  • This offer subject to change at anytime, no guarantees or agreement are made hereto as to hold us each harmless from any claims, suits or damages. (I had to add some legalese :-).

If you want your site reviewed, email blog @ with your url.

Let the lighting round begin!

3 Responses

  1. HA ~ Great idea!!
    Will you pace around and look like you’re about to clutch your chest and drop to the ground?
    Keep the high blood pressure medicine handy!

  2. Sounds like a great idea.
    Will you be doing sound effects and giant graphics to exaggerate your points, like Cramer???
    Good luck with it!

  3. hey excellent information, great post!!
    Love Kat n_n

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