Delivering Well on a Guarantee Breeds Loyalty


Online shoe shopping is great. The top players have free shipping here and free shipping for returns. I’ve ordered from ShoeBuy and Zappos. I usually order 5-10 shoes, try them on while watching a movie, keep a few of them, and return the rest.

I ordered from Zappos recently, returned a bunch and kept 4 pair. As I printed the return label, I noticed their 110% price guarantee. I checked competitive prices of the shoes I was keeping using Froogle. And there WERE better prices elsewhere. So I put together the list…

Rockport Margin
Shoestation: $69.99

Zappos: $93.95


Rockport Candler

Sports Authority

Zappos: $113.95


Timberland Cedar Breaks

Trail Footwear:

Zappos: $100.95

Difference: $30.96

Florsheim Alexander

Shoedeals4u: $85

Zappos: $90.95




110%: $71.30

I called Zappos at 10 at night, gave the representative this list of sites and shoes (I didn’t give her any of the numbers above…she did her own research). She called me back 15 minutes later and confirmed my account would be credited $71.30.

I figure if a retailer is going to offer a 110% price guarantee, they should back it up. My guess is not many people check prices and take them up on their 110% price guarantee. Zappos makes a bet on that and charges a slight premium (same way Amazon is higher price than Barnes and Noble). However, Zappos had great customer service to fulfill on the guarantee. I’ll go back…but I’ll get the best price again 🙂

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  1. Top Rung says:

    Decker Marketing: Delivering Well on a Guarantee Breeds Loyalty

    Link: Decker Marketing: Delivering Well on a Guarantee Breeds Loyalty. I’ll bet they don’t pay off in one in a hundred customers.

  2. Delivering Well On A Guarantee Breeds Loyalty

    Sam Decker who writes the Decker Marketing Blog relays an important lesson on building brand value.

  3. Shannon says:

    Nice shoes! I love these shoes from Zappos. I have seen other shoes from codes and coupons for zappos and they look nice too.

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