Market Measurement with Six Simple Words


How do you know which marketing efforts brought customers to your store? Why not ask them? Make a practice of consistently asking each new customer this six-word question: "How did you hear about us?"

That’s how Kevin Dueck, manager of WorkSpace Furniture in Soquel, CA, determined which marketing methods were most effective for his business. Kevin and his employees casually ask each new customer this question. Responses are recorded on a sheet behind the counter. What Kevin has learned led to immediate changes in marketing strategy and focus which, he believes, helped WorkSpace grow 85% in the last 6 months of its first year.

When Kevin launched his store, he placed ads in several newspapers and put furniture in his parking lot only on special occasions.  From his informal survey of customers, Kevin concluded, "The majority of customers respond to the ad in one local newspaper, or they come in because they see the furniture and banners in our parking lost. Now, furniture is out every weekend, the banner stays up, and we’ve consolidated our advertising to one paper."

[adapted from 301 Do-it-Yourself Marketing Ideas by Sam Decker]

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  1. Mike Bawden says:

    I’ve never been really fond of this kind of research for a number of reasons, but every client should be encouraged to create “feedback loops” to help them determine what seems to be working – even unscientific ones like this.
    Thanks for the post. I’ve put a referal to it on my “Much Ado About Marketing” blog (
    This kind of stuff gives those of us with small clients one more reason to pick up the phone and give them a call.
    Very practical advice.
    Mike Bawden
    Brand Central Station

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