10 Best Communicators of 2004 (Bert Decker)


Bert Decker (my father) just posted the 10 Best Communicators of 2004. The list is posted below…click to see the list of the 10 Worst Communicators of 2004.

1. Dr. Phil
Phil McGraw has made his syndicated TV show one of the fastest growing, and done it largely on his communication skills. He is fast, articulate, funny, often profound, often mischievous, and deserves his following. He communicates pop (and sound) psychology with presidential power. Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets political ambitions.

2. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Who would have thought a weight lifter with no political experience could be elected Governor of the United States largest state – and he can’t even pronounce Caleefornia correctly! Never mind – his energy and optimism in communicating have given people hope – and given him amazing popularity ratings more than one year later.

3. Reverend Billy Graham
Perhaps in his last year of preaching, his consistency, voice and vivid blue eyes accentuate his always clear message. He is a communicator for the decades. Although his energy may be diminished, he was forceful and effective in several Crusades this year. Perhaps his last Crusade is coming in June 2005 at Madison Square Garden in New York. It might be the last chance to see and hear a communicating legend.

4. Activist Michael Moore
Controversial and effective, his speaking is confident and strategic. Whether you like him or not, his communicating is probably more effective than his movie making. He is the poster child for the concept “forward lean.”

5. Mayor Gavin Newsom
Number 5 with a bullet. This young, attractive new mayor would never have made the national impact he did with his same-sex marriage initiative back in February without having great communication skills (Having a glamorous TV reporter wife in Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsom doesn’t hurt). He emulates the Kennedys, and he has the same kind of spontaneity and sense of drama so necessary in the fast moving political world.

6. Honorable Nancy Pelosi
The first woman Speaker of the House is only one achievement of this dynamic and smiling woman. Her impact also brought her leadership recognition as one of the rising Democratic stars in this year when it didn’t pay to be a Democrat. She is a great example of how good communication rides high energy.

7. President Bill Clinton
No top communicators’ list would be complete without Bill Clinton. Like him or not, he is a master at speaking and connecting with people. He always looks at people, talks, smiles and moves forward – and not even heart surgery could keep him down. A best selling book tour and new “life” put him in prominence again, even though in the end he couldn’t transfer his charisma to John Kerry.

8. CEO Carly Fiorina
Using to her advantage the looks, walk and posture of a winning woman, she almost single handedly has turned Hewlett-Packard around. She handled the merger well (actually saving it) and then moved on to become a business media star. She has a good branding strategy, and she has the speaking power to pull it off.

9. Olympian Michael Phelps
His smile is as bright as the Gold medals he won swimming in the Olympics. He was the most articulate and personable of all the young athletes, and even though he lost some luster with his DUI run in, his candor and honest humility served him well. We will see more of him.

10. President George Bush
The President is #10 for two reasons. 1) He won the election, but he is not #1 because he is not naturally a good communicator, with his shrugs, smirks and abuse of the language. (Witness the Presidential debates.) 2) He remains consistence in his message, warm in his demeanor, and forceful and visionary enough to pull off an election victory in spite of an unpopular war and uncertain economy.

Emeritus: President Ronald Reagan
The late President needs to be acknowledged on such a list as this, as he personifies how important it is to talk one’s walk. He is justifiably known as the Great Communicator, because he appeared to be what he was – direct, honest and sincerely concerned for people. His warm smile showed it. He could be firm when necessary (Berlin Wall speech), while always touching on the human side. We will miss his model.

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