The Magic of Anticipation


Christmas is over, and I learned something…

After presents are opened and dinner is over, there is a deflation of excitement that had grown consistently in the weeks prior. Next on the agenda: play with gifts. As with most material acquisitions, this excitement doesn’t last long.

So I believe the great feelings of Christmas are really about anticipation. Anticipation of spending time with loved ones, eating great food, enjoying the sweets, smells, and presents. Anticipation of a great experience!

Case in point…The best present I gave this season was a bed and breakfast night with my wife. She can’t stop talking about it. She’s still excited, while the rest of us quickly re-enter ‘operational’ mode of using our physical presents. She was given the gift of anticipation.

It’s similar to excitement when starting a business or a project. The most fun is in the ‘building’…the anticipation of making something successful. Once accomplished, you’re looking for the next rush of anticipation. That’s when most entrepreneurs move on.

Consider the anticipation during dating and engagement. Only when feelings of euphoria are this high do men have a chance of winning an argument!

Therefore, I will start thinking about how to create anticipation. What’s next? What’s new? Will it be a great experience? When can it happen?!

Put anticipation in the hearts and minds of friends, family, employees, customers, and friends. Anticipation captures mind-share, creates good feelings, and galvanizes memories.

Of course, the goal is to create positive anticipation — unlike the anticipation I have in taking down the tree, lights, decoration, and paying my credit card bill!

P.S. There’s one other thing I learned: Dollars spent are not correlated to fun. The worst toy we got was a $40 HotWheels SlimeCano…it was craptacular. There is a Mattel Product Manager that should be anticipating a new job and a Target that can anticipate a return. The toy that achieved the most laughs?…a $5 self-inflating whoopie cushion. We are such juveniles!

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  1. Devin says:

    Insightful, humerous, and oh-so-true. Emotion is a powerful thing in this case…

  2. BusinessBits says:

    Decker outlines anticipation

    Sam Decker makes a good argument on the significance of anticipation. Take Christmas for example, it’s all about wondering what might be under the tree. He goes on to make a humerous point:
    “…the anticipation during dating and engagement. Only …

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