Why Blog? 7 Reasons for Me…


I was recently asked about my motivation to blog. That person didn’t understand until I explained it to them. Perhaps they thought it was an exercise of ego. I won’t deny pride in what I write, but there are many more reasons.

So, ironically, I’ve captured my reasons for blogging in a blog entry. That way, if ever asked again, I can point to this permalink! I don’t know if this entry will be helpful to anyone…but if you’re a blogger, perhaps you can relate to some of these motivations…

Writing Practice – I’ve written two books, but that was several years ago. I occasionally write an article. I’m a good copywriter, but I used to be better…I don’t do it much anymore. Writing is an important muscle which atrophies without exercise. So this is exercise for me.

Creative Outlet – Similarly, I don’t have the opportunity to be as creative as I’d like to be every day. I have ideas. I have this need to create and build. My father was a film Producer / Director prior to being an Entrepreneur, and my mother was a Copywriter – if that tells you anything. Each blog entry is a mini-creative process, which is fulfilling to complete. After 9 months of writing many blog entries, I’ve created something of value. Maybe if I write another book someday, some of this content will be useful.

Crystallize Wisdom –Writing helps galvanize my principles and perspectives for future judgment and action. It helps remember ideas, knowledge, and principles I believe to be right. In High School and College I used to type an outline of notes to study for the next test. Then, I studied this outline, in my own writing. By writing it down, and reading the thoughts and how I organized them, it helps me remember.

Contribute – Of course I could write all my thoughts and crystallize wisdom without publishing. Prior to November 2003, that’s what I did. I had a journal in Word. Then blogging started taking off, and for many reasons here, I decided I should start publishing them. Moreover, something I write could help someone else. So, I approach writing the blog a way that it is useful to others – tips, ideas, principles, stories…rather than introspective blather like this 😉

Connect – I suspect if I write something that is synergistic with another person, they may contact me. Then I will learn more from someone who has a similar perspective but different experiences. Or, perhaps someone will write who has a different perspective, and I will learn something else. In either case, I meet someone interesting. One of my inspirations to to blog was John Porcaro of Microsoft. I met this ‘bird of a feather’ through his blog. Life is about relationships, yet with little time to find them.

As an example…a couple weeks ago Wayne Hastings, author of “Trust Me” found my entry on the Patrick Lencioni interview. Wayne wrote me, asked me some questions about my management experience, and ended up sending me a copy his book. He writes about characteristics of a leader, including humility, development, commitment, focus, compassion, integrity, peacemaking, endurance. Just from reading the beginning of his book, I’m glad he found me and hope to learn more from him.

Speed Familiarity – In addition to meeting people through the blog, this is also a tool for someone to get to know me faster. I include family stuff here as well as professional thoughts, perspectives, and experiences. I wish others I met had the same so I could read about them. It certainly helps speed past the small talk.

Capture Learning History – I have thousands of digital pictures dating back from 1993 when I owned one of the first digital cameras, the Apple Quick Take. I have hundreds of hours of video tape. My father video taped our family since 1980, so I continued the tradition with my family. But neither of these methods captures the way I was thinking during those times. With a blog, I will be able to look back upon what I was thinking and what I’ve learned.

I was also asked how I find time to blog. First, you’ll notice the inconsistency in the frequency of my entries. I find pockets of time in my life when I can do this. And in those times, this is an outlet, or a hobby. Some people sew, garden, or go biking. I spend time with the family, play basketball, and blog (among other things). And for the reasons above, it’s a worthwhile use of time.

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