Mr. Six — Good Advertising?


There’s a great post with discussion on Laura Ries’ blog about Mr. Six, Six Flags icon behind their advertising campaign. Question posed: Is it good advertising? Six Flags sales are down.

Net takeaway: The customer needs to identify with what the product icon is representing, not so much the icon itself. Ultimately, Six Flags problem may be the product itself. (from personal experience, avoid the Houston Six Flags).

Personally, I think Mr. Six is offbeat and makes you want to look at him closer. The music is rhythmically hypnotic. The ads, therefore, are entertaining. See the ad here.

But, any amusement park sells ‘playtime’. There’s no unique differentiation. The ads remind me that Six Flags is there and available, but ultimately they’re competing against other local alternatives for playtime…that are less expensive. But that’s just me talking with two young kids. If they’re going for younger adults than I question their ad even more.

Nonetheless, my wife bought season tickets and she can stay there for about 12 hours with her friends and their kids. I’m ready to go in about four.

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