Impact of First Tone


The most important parts of what you write or say is usually at the beginning and end. At the end, it’s the last thing the audiences/customer leaves with. But at the beginning, you set the first impression and the ‘tone’ of your message. You capture their attention.

So I got this Tivo email newsletter today, and it started with a very interesting beginning, which got my attention:

“I L-O-V-E my job…”

This email newsletter from the subject line (“News Your can Use from TiVO, Volume 51”), looked pretty sublime. As expected, the newsletter was mostly promotions.

But I was taken back with the first tone it set. Very personal. There actually was a person who wrote this. While they were talking about themselves (I instead of You), they started off with a personal, passionate revelation.

It reminded me of that first and last communication rule. And the importance of the first tone in communications – written or speaking. Some will argue one is more important than the other. Instead of arguing, make them both good!

Keep your eye out…I may try a sneak ‘first tone’ trick in one of my posts 🙂

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