Help Name Our New Puppy!


Today we picked up a new puppy from the pound. But naming him is a challenge.

It’s sort of like branding — when you start a company (puppy), what do you want it to stand for? If you start it, what do you stand for? What will your name promise? Even if the name is abstract, you want it to sound like the characteristics of your brand promise.

Of course this is a little different. We name him partly for who he is and who we want him to be…but more the former. So, we start playing with this puppy, trying to interpret his personality and his character.

I can’t tell you what kind of car he’d drive or if he’s an ENTJ. But I can tell you he’s a lab / spaniel mix (we think). He’s very playful and a people person. Doesn’t show a lot of fear. But all of this could be puppiness. As you can see, he’s a cute, friendly little dog. And he’s black.

So, we did a web search, picked out some top choices…here’s the list we have so far.

Bandit, Blacki, Blue, Bo, Bomber, Buddy, Casey, Chase, Chiko, Chip, DJ, Dash, Dice, Digger, Duke, Dusty, Jet, KC, Kipp, Navy, Otter, Pal, Pepper, Pitch, Quick, Riley, Rowdy, TJ, Tip, Tipper, Trigger, Tuck, Turbo

What do you think? Email me or drop a comment with your top 3 favorites!

8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here are a few names to consider.
    Harley (favorite)
    Noche (runner-up, I know he’s not of Spanish decent but love the way it sounds)
    Now you got me thinking I need a puppy!

  2. Can says:

    Hi, I used to have a dog called blacki when I was a child. It’s a good name.
    Also, I like the name “hyper” of course depends on the behavior.

  3. Sam says:

    Thank you for the comments and several emails. We decided on Riley…which was also recommended by a couple people in email.
    So the Decker family is Shannon, Sam, Haley, Kyle and our two dogs, Cody and Riley.

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