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The other day my 6-yr old daughter comes home from school in tears. Apparently other kids are ‘funnier than her’…at least they’re telling jokes and her friends are laughing. Haley doesn’t have any to tell. I guess it’s something we missed formative years of parenting!

Well, we don’t just console here, we’re going to do something about that! I pull her into the home office and do a web search for jokes. I was quick on the back button on a few of the sites! But here’s what I did find.

What did one eye say to the other?

Between you and me, something smells

What did the light say when it was turned off?
I’m delighted

What did the hat say to the scarf?
You hang around while I go on ahead

What became of the man who was swallowed by a cow?
He became the man in the moo

Where do ghosts pick up their mail?
At the ghost office

Why do dinosaurs have long necks?
Because their feet smell

Simple, memorable, clean, funny…perfect for a 6 year old. I typed this up, printed it out, we rehearsed them, and she was ready for the next day at school.

She came home and said her friends and teachers laughed. The dinosaurs and eye jokes were the hits. She’s used them several times. Feel free to try them with your co-workers 😉

Lesson: Execution and problem-solving works at home too!

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  1. Colin McKay says:

    I can relate. Our three kids (9, 8 and 4) are quite anxious to fit into their peer groups – whether at school, on our block or at the playground.
    As a result, we’ve worked on a separate aspect of problem-solving: exposing the kids to varied sources of creative inspiration, in the hopes that this will reinforce their abilities as jokesters.
    I’m not quite sure their teachers welcome the now-common references to BlackAdder, the Knights who say Ni, Shrek and any number of sarcastic Pixar characters, though.
    I do know it fills our house with laughter.

  2. Thanks for the jokes Sam, made my day sitting here reading newsfeeds while eating lunch along the Bainbridge Island marina here on Puget Sound. I’ll share them with our kids – though with the youngest of five being twin boys, age 11, they may not think they are as funny as I do.
    Great job on your blog. I was turned onto it through my friend Matt Homann’s the [non]billable hour and am now a regular reader.
    Keep up the great work.
    – Kevin

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