Cliche Man


I was going through my corporate notebook today. It’s a hard-covered ledger where I take my notes from meeting to meeting. In the back I capture interesting nostalgia from corporate life — bingo words, quotes, experiences.

I had a guy work for me that was a Cliche Master. Here are JUST a few I captured. Don’t ask me what some of them mean!

  • Shake the 8 ball
  • Brass tax
  • Feedback monkey
  • Crux
  • Hit the Nail on the head
  • Whisper from the Lietenant
  • Dominus Ominus
  • Circle the Wagons
  • Belly up to the bar
  • Strafed into that
  • Tree top discussion
  • Could you be a gem…
  • Fly caught in the soup
  • Real storm brewing…clouds on the horizon
  • Goat rodeo
  • I’d rather lick chalk in the rain
  • Rally the troops
  • Blocking and tackling

There are some more in here from a few anonymous co-workers:

  • We don’t want to waste emotion on that
  • We have to table set the org announcement
  • "Cauterize"
  • Put some wood behind this arrow
  • The hamster in the snake
  • Bucketize the gluttony of resumes
  • Landscape of unmanaged problems
  • Don’t want Mike to spin his mental power
  • Spastic recovery effort
  • Can you walk in a windstorm
  • Did you all decide on the trackey-poos
  • When what’s his face was our manager
  • Dripping in wittiness
  • I’ve got to discuss an armpit topic
  • You like your nuts, don’t you? [female co-worker, referring to peanuts on
    my desk]
  • …are those the nuts you’ve had for the past year?
  • Our rating system creates feelings that don’t add value
  • He’s kind of like farting along
  • Another really thing that’s important
  • [consulting firm name here] wrote this…I’m not sure what it means. But
    should we ask for that?
  • …I’m not sure they knew either.

I’m sure I’m working with some of the smartest people in corporate America…but sometimes we don’t sound like it, eh?

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