Picture of Character


It was rainy weekend day today, and my wife was gone. Typically the kids and I might meander around the house between activities….TV, eating, games, chores, etc. However, today, I tried something different.

After breakfast Haley and I put together a schedule of activities in 30 minute increments. It included playing a game, indoor baseball, watching family movies, acrobatic fun, drawing, cleaning her room, lunch, going to her friends house, and several other activities.

She carried that yellow piece of paper with her all day, checking the clock repeatedly, and actually had a blast keeping to her schedule. “Is it 3:30 yet!? Time for baseball!” I think she’ll look back on the day with a sense of fun and fulfillment.


But what’s interesting is how this scheduling aligned with her personality, which is a cross between my wife’s competency for administration and my desire for achievement.


In this picture on the left, you see Haley sitting on the sidewalk during a busy Austin main street parade, writing down things she had seen so far. She had been doing it all day, journaling everything. Despite the heat and people walking by her in front of that 6th street bar, she was focused to write down her thoughts. I think this picture captures her character.

Do you a picture that capture your character, or your kids’ character?

My dad thought this picture on the right, when I was one, caught my character. How would you describe this?

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