Must Don’ts for Web Sites


There are hundreds of online / ecommerce articles with ‘top tips’ out there. It’s hard to grab the essence of these tips, as they are often buried in an article with eLBOWs (Lovely Bunch of Words). So here are few of my own tips, with very little more. While there are no such things as “best practices”, these are close. If you have questions or need explanation, add a comment.


– Put a flash intro to your web site
– Drown your home page in graphics. Search engines like home pages with text and links.
– Be clever with ‘standard’ navigation placement or wording. Copy the leaders.
– Mix together too many elements…multiple font styles, colors, justifications, font sizes.
– Violate your ‘styleguide’. It’s easy as 1-2-3. Choose one header and footer for the entire site. Choose 2 font styles, if necessary (one will be used minimally) and two button styles (a primary and subordinate), and maybe two link styles (blue underline preferably, and another if necessary). Choose a max of 3 font sizes and 3 colors (with one being primary).
– Make copy blocks long. Break it up with bullets and subheads.
– Get to the punchline at the end of the copy…put it at the beginning.
– Make pages larger than 80-100k in total size
– Fix font sizes, disallowing font resizing. Fastest growing web population: older adults.
– Put forward-moving buttons/links to the left of the page.
– Put the forward-moving action button only at the bottom of the page. Get one above the fold.
– Design the page so it looks like the page ends at the fold. Most people scroll if they know there’s more.
– Make the primary, forward-moving point of action button the same as other buttons. Make it large and obvious.
– Create small sitelets with links in the left nav and expect it to make a big impact on your ebusiness.
– Choose font size 8 if you don’t have to.

Just some thoughts…more later.

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