Why Integrity is so important


Have you noticed it’s harder to trust people than it used to be? Harder to tell what is manipulation from authentic marketing? More difficult to believe brand and product promises?

As you build a business and build a brand, the choices you make will be integrity ‘deposits’ or ‘withdrawals’ into/from your personal and company ‘brand bank’. The impact is quietly exponential, and a long term investment. Like the sound of a tree when no one is there to hear it, you may not ‘hear’ the positive word of mouth and the kind of trust that is building behind your product, service, brand and your name.

In my experience, people with integrity (not just honesty) also seem to exemplify trust, hard work, and results…perhaps at different levels of competence. On the whole, however, people with integrity can’t represent their work product unless they KNOW they’ve done a good job. I’ve had high-integrity folks work for me who took this to a fault, and were perfectionists. Fortunately, it’s easier to pull back perfectionism than to extinguish apathy.

Surround yourself with integrity. Have you noticed people’s networks are an extension of their character? People with integrity surround themselves with trustworthy people. That’s a good circle to find employees, customers, and friends.

I could go on, but you get the point. Integrity is not a skill, but a choice.

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